Life on Earth is possible thanks to water.

Freshwater ecosystems, though, are the most threatened on the planet.

Andrena Foundation works to restore aquatic ecosystems, supporting organizations and scientists.
Basses a la Selva
Associació La Sorellona
Molleres del Pirineu
Grup de recerca de Geobotànica i Cartografia de la vegetació
Universitat de Barcelona
Paisatges Vius
Centre Ictiològic del Parc Natural del Delta de l’Ebre
Basses temporànies
a l'Albera
Universitat de Vic

With the support of Andrena

Paisatges Vius Association has restored 4 coastal lagoons, doubling the catalan populations of samaruc, a freshwater fish.

Iaeden has restored and makes research on a valuable temporary pond system.

The Catalan Society of Herpetology has restored two ponds for amphibians.

The GeoVeg Lab of the University of Barcelona has protected 3 peatlands in the Pyrenees.
Do you want to help us continue this work? Andrena allocates 100% of the donations received to the restoration projects.

Make a donation for any of the projects, and you can join us in a field visit.