Water makes life on Earth possible.

Freshwater ecosystems, nevertheless, are the most threatened on
the planet.

Andrena Foundation works to restore degraded aquatic ecosystems,
supporting organizations and scientists.

Paisatges Vius

Centre Ictiològic del Parc Natural del Delta de l'Ebre
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Temporary ponds in L’Albera
Vic University
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Ponds for biodiversity
Association La Sorellona
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Wetlands for Nitrates
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With the support of Andrena

Paisatges Vius Association has restored 4 coastal lagoons, doubling the catalan populations of samaruc, a critically endangered freshwater

Iaeden Association & Vic University have restored and make research on a valuable
temporary pond network.

The Catalan Society of Herpetology has restored two ponds for amphibians.

The GeoVeg Lab of the University of Barcelona has
protected 3 peatlands in the Pyrenees.

Do you want to help us with our  work? Andrena allocates 100% of the received donations to restoration projects.

Make a donation for any of the projects, and you can join us in a field visit.